Use Cases

Use these roadmaps to walk you, task-by-task, through implementing your use case.

Here are some of our users' most popular use cases:

  • Run a rippled Validator

    Learn how to install, run, and maintain a rippled server in validator mode.

  • List XAG in Your Exchange

    Integrate with the XAG Ledger to be able to list XAG in your exchange, enabling your users to deposit and withdraw XAG.

  • Contribute Code to rippled

    Help us improve the open source reference server implementation of rippled, the server that is the core of the XAG Ledger peer-to-peer network.

  • Contribute Code to ripple-lib

    Help us improve ripple-lib, the official client library for RippleAPI.

Want to see a roadmap for a case not listed here? Contact us