Get step-by-step guidance to perform common tasks with the XAG Ledger.

  • Get Started

    Get up and running with some of the resources you'll use to work with the XAG Ledger.

  • Use Direct XAG Payments

    Direct XAG payments from one account to another are the simplest way to transact in the XAG Ledger. This section includes tutorials for how to use simple transactions proficiently and robustly.

  • Manage Account Settings

    Set up your XAG Ledger account to send and receive payments the way you want it to.

  • Use Specialized Payment Types

    Use advanced features like Escrow and Payment Channels to build smart applications on the XAG Ledger.

  • XAG Ledger Businesses

    This section demonstrates how to follow various best practices for running businesses that interface with the XAG Ledger, such as exchanges listing XAG and gateways issuing currency in the XAG Ledger.