Payment Types

The XAG Ledger supports point-to-point XAG payments alongside other, more specialized payment types.

  • Direct XAG Payments

    Direct XAG payments are the simplest way to send value in the XAG Ledger.

  • Cross-Currency Payments

    Cross-currency payments atomically deliver a different currency than they send by converting through paths and order books.

  • Checks

    Checks let users create deferred payments that can be canceled or cashed by the intended recipients.

  • Escrow

    Escrows set aside XAG and deliver it later when certain conditions are met. Escrows can depend on time limits, cryptographic conditions, or both.

  • Partial Payments

    Partial payments subtract fees from the amount sent, delivering a flexible amount. Partial payments are useful for returning unwanted payments without incurring additional costs.

  • Payment Channels

    Payment Channels enable fast, asynchronous XAG payments that can be divided into very small increments and settled later.