Issued Currencies

All currencies other than XAG can be represented in the XAG Ledger as issued currencies. Learn more about how issued currencies function in the XAG Ledger.

  • Issued Currencies Overview

    Get an overview of issued currencies and their properties in the XAG Ledger.

  • Trust Lines and Issuing

    Learn about the properties and rationale of trust lines.

  • Authorized Trust Lines

    Learn about authorized trust lines, which enable a currency issuer to limit who can hold its issued (non-XAG) currencies.

  • Freezing Issued Currencies

    Freezes can suspend trading of issued currencies for compliance purposes.

  • Rippling

    Rippling is automatic multi-party net settlement of issued currency balances.

  • Transfer Fees

    Currency issuers can charge a fee for transferring their issued currencies.

  • Issuing and Operational Addresses

    Businesses sending transactions on the XAG Ledger automatically should set up separate addresses for different purposes to minimize risk.

  • Paths

    Payments of issued currencies must traverse paths of connected users and order books.

  • Demurrage

    (Obsolete) Some older XAG Ledger tools used to support currency codes with built-in interest and negative interest rates.