Ledger Object Types

Each ledger's state tree consists of a set of ledger objects, which collectively represent all settings, balances, and relationships in the shared ledger. In the peer protocol that rippled servers use to communicate with each other, ledger objects are represented in their raw binary format. In the rippled API, ledger objects are represented as JSON objects.

  • AccountRoot

    The settings, XAG balance, and other metadata for one account.

  • Amendments

    Singleton object with status of enabled and pending amendments.

  • DepositPreauth

    A record of preauthorization for sending payments to an account that requires authorization.

  • DirectoryNode

    Contains links to other objects.

  • FeeSettings

    Singleton object with consensus-approved base transaction cost and reserve requirements.

  • LedgerHashes

    Lists of prior ledger versions' hashes for history lookup.

  • Offer

    An order to make a currency trade.

  • RippleState

    Links two accounts, tracking the balance of one currency between them. The concept of a trust line is an abstraction of this object type.

  • SignerList

    A list of addresses for multi-signing transactions.